(Japanese, born 1978)

Haroshi is a skateboarder and self-taught woodworker, known for his large sculptures made from skateboard decks. To make each sculpture, Haroshi carefully selects and stacks the skateboards, then hand carves, paints, and polishes them into a veneered finish. Because skateboard decks are made of layers of processed wood, the final sculptures appear to have striped surfaces. Haroshi favors popular and recognizable forms for his subjects; in addition to skateboard sculptures, he has created teddy bears, cartoon characters, sneakers, and fire hydrants. During the construction of each sculpture, Haroshi puts a broken skateboard piece into the core of the piece—or gives each piece a “soul”. This practice is inspired by Unkei, a 12th-century Buddhist sculptor who would place a crystal ball inside each of his Buddha sculptures.